For over 30 years, InnuScience has been a forerunner in developing high performing sustainable cleaning products and disrupting the chemical cleaning industry. By harnessing the power of nature, we are able to keep the spaces where we live and work clean and healthy without having to use harmful chemicals. We are on a mission to push the boundaries of our technology to eliminate waste, harmful chemicals and the use of non-renewable resources and to deliver truly sustainable solutions. 


Safer for you and our environment, without compromise


Science and nature in harmony to deliver our proprietary biotechnology 


Implementing short and long term sustainable improvement in all aspects of our business and yours


Collaborating to develop bespoke solutions with clients of all sizes to meet our collective goals

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Excellence in Application 

At InnuScience, we believe that the proper application of our cleaning solutions will ensure that each and every customer and user gains the full value of our technology. To enable this, we provide training at your fingertips. 

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Engineering Support 

Ensuring you get the full value and benefit of our products is our top priority. If you require any technical support, training or advice with your dispensing equipment, please let us know and our Engineering team will be in contact. 

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We understand that you might need first hand experience of our products to fully understand how effective they can be in your space. Let us know what challenges you currently face in your business and we will provide the necessary advice, support and samples to get you started with InnuScience solutions. 

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Specialised solutions for targeted sectors  

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