InnuScience 1L Range

Our world class sustainable solutions in a simple and flexible format suitable for all

Simple, Safe Solutions

As part of our commitment to deliver safe and simple biotechnological solutions, we are placing the spotlight on our 1L Range. The 1L Range provides a simple, flexible and highly effective solution without compromising on sustainability or affordability.

With an easy to use 1L dosing bottle, you can harness the power of InnuScience’s™ super-concentrated, environmentally-friendly, biotechnological solutions, where and when you want, without the need for complex dilution equipment.

Say goodbye to costly green alternatives and ready-to-use products! Our 1L

Our 1L Range is competitively priced, with an affordable upfront unit cost and cost-effectiveness. It's Simple, it's Safe, and it's Sustainable.

The 1L Range

As part of our global mission to deliver safer cleaning solutions at InnuScience™, we are repositioning our 1L range.

We aim to provide an affordable and flexible solution for all businesses, both small and large, without the need for dosing equipment and additional support; delivering highly concentrated biotechnological, high performing products that InnuScience is known for.

The 1L Range is very competitively priced in comparison to both traditional chemical and green alternatives in respect of upfront unit cost as well as cost-in-use per litre/trigger, ensuring that everyone has access to greener and safer cleaning solutions.

We believe our innovative solutions should be easily accessible to all and cost should not be a barrier to more sustainable practices.

  • Affordability - Say goodbye to costly alternatives including ready-to-use products. The 1L Range offers a competitively low unit cost and cost-in-use.
  • Simple solutions - Simple and easy to use product with a colour-coded system per product. Each bottle has an accurate dosing chamber providing the RIGHT dose with just a flip of the bottle.

  • Flexible & time saving - Allows concentrated products to be diluted at point of use, saving time. This does not require the installation of water-fed dispensing equipment which can delay mobilisation.

  • Safe for People & Planet - Our solutions are powered by nature, for nature. Our products are non-toxic, biodegradable, contain little to no-VOCs, and omit any harmful chemicals and ingredients.

  • Exceptional performance - The full benefits of InnuScience™ biotechnological solutions in a convenient 1L bottle. Our microbial and enzymatic solutions clean at source, keeping surfaces cleaner for longer.

Nu-Action 3

  • • Super concentrated powerful floor cleaner and degreaser
  • • Powered by Biotechnology, pH neutral
  • • Designed to effectively remove stubborn stains and clean deep down into the surface
  • • Suitable for use on all floor surfaces including wood, vinyl and finished surfaces
  • • Suitable for use in scrubber dryers

333571 - 12 x 1L Bottles

019330 - 6 x 750ml Empty Trigger


Nu-Multi Kleen

  • • Super concentrated versatile multi purpose / all surface cleaner.
  • • Powered by Biotechnology and has a residual odour counteractant.
  • • Effectively cleans all modern surfaces, glass, stainless steel, floors and walls.
  • • Has a continual biological elimination of dirt and unpleasant odours.
  • • pH neutral

333577 - 12 x 1L Bottles

019337 - 6 x 750ml Empty Trigger


Nu-Bio Scrub

  • • A lactic acid based daily descaler and sani cleaner for soap scum and residues.
  • • Powered by Biotechnology
  • • Superior cleaning of showers and taps in comparison to traditional corrosive acids.
  • • Safe to use on Chrome, ceramic and stainless steel surfaces

337691 - 12 x 1L Bottles

119322 - 6 x 750ml Empty Trigger


Nu-Karpet Kare

  • Super concentrated carpet and fabric cleaner and stain remover. 
  • Powered by Biotechnology 
  • Ideal for cleaning carpets and other textiles including rugs, sofas, curtains and other surfaces covered with fabrics. 
  • Accredited by the WoolSafe Organisation to be used on wool carpets and textiles. 
  • pH neutral 
  • Can be used with a sprayer, injector/extractor or single brush machine.

359331 - 12 x 1L Bottles

019324 - 6 x 750ml Empty Trigger


Nu-Grip Plus

  • Super concentrated degreaser for floors and cooker hoods. 
  • Powered by Biotechnology that effectively combat oils, grease and other grime buildup on kitchen floors and cooker hoods. 
  • pH neutral biological degreasing 
  • Creates a biofilm on floor surface when applied that makes them less slippery / has an effective anti-slip result on kitchen floors

339571 - 12 x 1L Bottles

019731 - 6 x 750ml Empty Trigger


Nu-Kleen All

  • Super concentrated versatile all surface cleaner and degreaser for the food service industry. 
  • Powered by biotechnology 
  • Food safe approved
  • pH neutral high performance degreaser. Safe to use on aluminium and other metals. 
  • Safer than traditional alkaline degreasers. 
  • Fragrance-free

333587 - 12 x 1L Bottles

119325 - 6 x 750ml Empty Trigger


Nu-Cycle N

  • A biotechnology powered eco-friendly microfibre wash that provides full laundry power at 30 degrees. 
  • pH neutral – no alkalis, no oxidising agents.
  • Doesn’t coat the fabric and regenerates the absorption capacity of mop heads, microfibre and other textiles.
  • Extends the life of microfibres by up to 5 times.

332480 - 12 x 1L Bottles


H&H103C Cleaner Sanitiser

  • A concentrated, affordable surface cleaner and sanitiser. 
  • Certified to BS EN 1276 at 1:100 and BS EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 at 1% dilution
  • Fragrance free and suitable for use in food preparation areas, handling and serving surfaces. 
  • Phosphate free and safe to use on aluminium.

033808 - 12 x 1L Bottles

119704 - 6 x 750ml Empty Trigger


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